Utopia Agent is a powerful suite of applications which sets out to be a replacement for both Utopia Angel and Utopia Pimp. Some features include attack calculators, spell expiration reminders, war analysis, intel synchronization with kingdom, and much more.


Some of the features include ...

  • Cross-platform ! Yes it will work natively for linux and mac users in addition to windows users.
  • Data Synchronization of Intelligence among all members of a kingdom.
  • Notification reminders when military armies return and spells expire.
  • Paper Analytics for viewing interesting war statistics. Includes uniques, failed hits, massacre/raze damages, more ...
  • SoM only based defense calculations.
  • Enhanced CB+SoM calculations which determine the exact military units in each army making ambushing accurate.
  • Correct military calculations of players running aggression or town watch.
  • Enhanced science calculations to determine and adjust the science of a province based on land size changes.
  • Consolidated intel navigation system making.
  • Suggestions for best targets in a kingdom to attack based on networth and land gains.
  • Military return times specified in your timezones time (e.g 2:33:18pm)